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Written by on August 14, 2017

Technology is steadily expanding and growing quicker than we can keep up each day.  So quickly, that by the time we “almost” learn one system or piece of equipment, a newer form of technology is on the market for purchase. With the rapid growing pace of technology , the days of huge, over-sized and bulky video equipment to produce a video or live stream broadcast are gone.  This type of equipment is no longer needed to produce a high quality video or stream a live broadcast to your fans, followers or audience.

Cellphones are now equipped with HD cameras that shoot amazing photographs and video. Some of these cell phone cameras are even equipped with manual settings for F-Stop, Depth of Field and other professional photographer settings. The built in microphones on “most” cellphones are also pretty decent quality if you are recording up-close audio and the subject is able to speak directly into the mic.


What are the benefits of a DIY Studio?

  1. The minimal costs are next to nothing; free and up
  2. You can easily make changes to your setup
  3. Spend more time creating awesome content instead of stressing over equipment and/or software costs

Start creating today, not tomorrow!

Key things you’ll need for video production/live streaming

  1. Lighting
  2. Audio equipment
  3. Video equipment
  4. A Set/Backdrop

Let’s begin with:


Proper lighting is a key essential. The lowest cost free lighting would be to use natural lighting; lighting from a free outside source. Pulling back the curtains, crack the blinds and letting the light shine in can be a great source of free lighting. Often times a simple table or reading lamp aren’t sufficient enough to properly light your video/live stream as they may wash out your image, create glares or cast awful shadows. You definitely do not want undesired shadows lurking behind you in the recording.


Clamp lighting – position 3 of these correctly and you can light your video/live stream quite well for approximately $30.00 (3) & up.



Reminder – Close the blinds and/or cover your windows to keep extra light out if you are using electrical lighting


Soft-Box lighting – (SVRadio Recommended Options) – Soft box lighting will give natural , soft daylight looks to your video/live stream production. The worries of lurking shadows is greatly reduced if non-existent with soft box lighting. Quick tip: Softbox lighting is geared for directional lighting and give more control than umbrella lighting starting at around $80.00 & up.








Umbrella lighting – This type of lighting gives off a broad range of light and may appear easier for beginner use. Keep in mind the soft box lighting above offers a lot more control and directional lighting. Think of umbrella lighting as the “point and shoot” lighting of video/live streaming. Plug ’em in, point at your subject and BOOM, let there be light!


What lighting does Storm Vibes radio use? 

The Storm Vibes radio studio uses ring lighting. We love this kit because of the easy hot shoe adapter set-up. We are able to mount and use a cellphone, camcorder or DSLR camera for versatility. The multi-height adjustable stand makes it easy for us to adjust quickly; especially on the go.



The soft tube makes the light rotate freely for the best position. The kit also includes a hot shoe adapter for most DSLR camera, a smart phone holder, a tripod head, and a Bluetooth receiver. 

Okay now you’re all set on lighting. Let’s move on to another post and cover video equipment so your video and live streaming productions have amazing video quality.

Thanks for reading!






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