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TurnTable Topics: Guest Whitney Parnell (CEO of Service Never Sleeps)

ActivismDIY MusiciansInterviewService Never SleepsSocial JusticeThe Talk

Whitney grew up between Latin America and West Africa as the daughter of a Foreign Service Officer. At Washington University in St. Louis, Whitney doubled majored in English and Spanish, and minored in Communications and Journalism, during which she also embraced her calling as a “professional humanitarian.” Whitney’s passion for service and social justice brought […]
Turntable Topics: Guest Joshua Davies (Owner & CEO of Netra Entertainment)

DIY MusiciansIndie MusiciansInterviewMusicMusic Business

Enjoy our interview with Joshua Davies – Owner and CEO of Netra Entertaiment. Josh discusses with Storm Vibes Radio how Netra Entertainment/ Netra School of Music came to be. We also discuss various aspects of the music industry. Josh is the music director at the DMV-based church, Zion Church and also the producer on Whitney […]
Turntable Topics: Musicians Wake Your Assets up: Stand Out & Erase The Competition – Music Marketing

DIY MusiciansInterviewMusicMusic BusinessMusic Marketing

This interview with Darren Scott Monroe(Def Jam, Universal, DreamWorks and Forbes) was recorded a while back and saved in Storm Vibes Radio archival footage. The information contained within is still applicable and very valuable. Darren has a 20+ year marketing background. He has worked with and for billion dollar companies like Universal, DreamWorks, and Forbes. […]
Twitter 101 – Musicians Building a Fan Base – Sell More Music

DIY MusiciansIndie MusiciansInternet MarketingMusicMusic BusinessMusic IndustryMusic MarketingMusiciansSocial Media MarketingTwitter Promotion

Here is a great book also that will help you to market your music while utilizing the power of Twitter. Music Marketing: Using Twitter to Get 1000’s of REAL Targeted Fans and Sell More Music, Social Media Promotion for the DIY Musician   Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…   How to set […]
How to Gain Quiet Power and Peaceful Confidence

ConfidencePurposeQuiet PowerSelf EsteemSonia HuhTalk ShowThe Reminder

The Reminder encourages us to ask ourselves these tough questions: Who are we, truly? What have we become? Who could we be? Who should we be? Order your copy of “The Reminder” today and start answering these important probing questions.  Are you struggling to find peace and calmness in your life, in your work, in […]
Finding Purpose – Ordered Steps

ConfidenceInterviewPurposeSierra LeoneSonia HuhTalk ShowThe ReminderWest Africa

Interview with Author Sonia Bangura Huh – The Reminder: Quiet Power Peaceful Confidence. Get your copy today and join the discussion. Sonia Bangura Huh was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to two amazing individuals who came from humble beginnings to become diplomats and great contributors to their community and family. As an African child, she […]
How To Find The Courage To Look Within

CourageInterviewPurposeQuiet PowerSonia HuhTalk ShowThe Reminder

We all need power. Not the kind that belittles and abuses others, and not the kind that idolizes the self, but the kind that builds us up and encourages us in a positive way. We need the type of power that brings healing and wisdom, encouraging us and transforming us into better people, empowering us […]
How to Conquer Work Challenges w/ Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence

ConfidenceInterviewPurposeQuiet PowerSonia HuhTalk ShowThe Reminder

Streamed live on Oct 9, 2016 Sonia Huh:  “We all need power. Not the kind that belittles and abuses others, and not the kind that idolizes the self, but the kind that builds us up and encourages us in a positive way. We need the type of power that brings healing and wisdom, encouraging us […]
Social Justice – “The Talk”

InterviewService Never SleepsSocial JusticeThe Talk

Purchase “The Talk” Itunes: CDBaby: Opus One Studios: Google Play: Service Never Sleeps: Whitney discusses her single “The Talk”. The Talk’s soulful rhythm with its haunting “hands-up” lyrics expose the all too often frank dialogue African American families have about staying safe when interacting with law enforcement. Whitney also discusses being the co-founder and CEO […]
Music Marketing: A Cup of Content

A Cup of ContentContent MarketingInterviewMusicMusic MarketingTalk Show

Interview /w Kim Bultsma – blogging coach and content marketer Topic: Music Marketing – A Cup of Content – blogging with an SEO spin – social media strategy and implementation – how to use different social media platforms & choose which ones – photography skills to take your online images up several notches – how […]
MP3 Tag Tutorial – Metadata Tagging Audio Files

AudioCodingMeta DataMP3Mp3TagMusicMusician

Mp3tag is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files. Download here: It supports batch tag-editing of ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags for multiple files at once covering a variety of audio formats. Furthermore, it supports online database lookups from, e.g., Amazon, discogs, MusicBrainz or freedb, […]
Twitter 101 – Musicians Building a Fan Base To Sell More Music

MusicMusic MarketingTwitter

Properly utilizing social media is extremely important for anyone looking to expand their fan base, but even more so for bands and musicians looking for new followers to spread your music message to. 8 Reasons Why Twitter is a Perfect Social Media Platform to Build a Fan Base” Engaging with active followers will help expand […]
BM-800 Condenser Microphone Review

Condenser MicrophoneMicrophoneMusicMusic EquipmentMusic StudioMusicianRecordingReviews

BM- 800 Condensor Mic ($27.99) – InnoGear® 1- Channel 48V Phantom Power Supply ($19.99) – Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! Pro r2 Creative USB sound card ($39.99) – Mic Shock Mount Boom Stand w/ Shock Mount ($18.99) – The microphone can be used for karaoke, in sound reinforcement or recording, to pick up voice […]


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