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Jah Victory Guidance & Blessings

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Alpha Blondy, the superstar reggae man from Ivory Coast, should need no introduction. He has been active on the scene since the eighties, a real grower of hits turned classics, from “Brigadier Sabary” to “Jérusalem”, not forgetting “Afriki” and “Apartheid Is Nazism”.

As for Alpha, he’s not one to miss an opportunity to remind us that his dear country’s old demons are still lying in wait with “Danger Ivoirité” (Ivorian-ness Danger), a reminder to us not to forget this African version of national preference.


And yet, in spite of his status of Commander of the African Groove, Alpha reinvents himself album after album. He has always steered clear of the pitfalls of formatting and tried to bring in something new to the mix.


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