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This interview with Darren Scott Monroe(Def Jam, Universal, DreamWorks and Forbes) was recorded a while back and saved in Storm Vibes Radio archival footage. The information contained within is still applicable and very valuable. Darren has a 20+ year marketing background. He has worked with and for billion dollar companies like Universal, DreamWorks, and Forbes.

Contact Darren: Quesswho@DarrenMonroe.com

Darren’s website: http://chargemoremoney.com/

Celebrities Worked With: * Stevie Wonder * Limp Bizkit * The Roots * Bon Jovi * Emineim * 50 Cent * Dr Dre


Billion Dollar Brands Worked With: * Universal Music Group * Clear Channel Radio * The House of Blues * American Express * Interscope * Forbes * Nissan * DefJam


Campaigns Worked On: * Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign (Dallas) * Southwest Airlines * Heineken USA * Seagram’s * Coca Cola * Six Flags * US Army * Pepsi * UPN


Brewing Up a Musical Storm

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