Are you struggling to find peace and calmness in your life, in your work, in your soul? You are not alone. The Reminder is here to guide you through a journey of self discovery and lead you to a place where you will find the Quiet Power and Peaceful Confidence to live your days with peace, kindness, balance, and respect toward others and yourself.

The Reminder encourages us to ask ourselves the tough questions: Who are we, truly? What have we become? Who could we be? Who should we be?

It is time to wake up from our slumber, wake up from our depression, wake up from our anger, wake up from our demons, wake up from our selfishness, wake up from our self-idolatry and self image. It is time for us to truly assist others, assist ourselves and let the beauty we all carry inside of us shine through.

Through numerous lessons and examples, meditations and workbook questions, you will learn to truly take in the guidance of The Reminder and begin to feel real change in your life. You will learn to move through the fire with grace, peace and kindness.

Are you ready to feel Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence? 



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