Album - "Give Me Jah" - Sista Dee

Dolores “Sista Dee” Barbee was born in Detroit Mich to Walter and Marie Prophet. At an early age it was evident that she had a voice to sing. Singing in church started her on a path that would lead to her joining The Lucylle Lemon Gospel Chorus at twelve (12) years old, she remained with the chorus until the age of 21; traveling all around the U.S. performing with such greats as James Cleveland, Elma Hendricks Parham, Donald Vails and a host of others.

She was a member of the first Gospel Music Workshop Choir that was started in Detroit. When Sista Dee, as she is affectionately known, started her family, she stopped singing with the choir and just sang in her church. Due to a lot of conflict and hypocrisy shown in the churches, she left and sought God for herself. As her son grew he began to show some musical ability and she focused her attention on him. Now he, in turn, has decided that she should start to sing again, and hopefully the messages in her songs will cause people to unite and learn to love one another.

As the owner and radio personality of Rockers Corner Radio, she sends the same message in the music she plays on her station. Her tag line is 100% Positive, 100% Conscious, 100% of the time. Music for your mind and your spirit. Take a listen to Sista Dee and see for yourself what’s in her heart and her soul.