You’ve recorded some great music and you’re now ready for the mixing stage. You could do it yourself but being so emotionally attached to your creation makes it hard to be objective in the process.

This is why major record companies hire master mixers. At Positive Journey’s Mixing Lounge we pride ourselves with being true Mixologists with the ears and objectivity to position each instrument and vocal precisely in your mix.

Online mixing is where you upload your files that you recorded on your own or in another studio and send them to us for mixing. Files can be sent by mail on DVD or online via secure server such as BOX or WeTransfer

Email or call us to discuss your ideas and plans of what you’re looking for in your mix.

When the song is mixed, we’ll send you a stereo mp3 version for approval.

If the mix is approved and no changes are needed, you then pay for the mix via PayPal and you’ll then receive a full resolution, high quality file of the mix.

If you wish to make changes you can call direct or email your instructions and we’ll tweak the mix until you’re satisfied with it. 3 Changes at no cost, $15 for each change there-after.


Online Mixing works for any form of music, voice-over, narration, audio commercial etc. If you have an idea for a mix send us a reference file such as a song you like that you’d like to have a similar sound.

Saying this; after a couple of listens to your production will give us an idea of how your song should be mixed, unless you strongly want it done a certain way this is the best method.


We are limited by the quality of the files you are sending us and radical changes can’t be made to something that is recorded badly.


A mix will cost $150; (For Mix & Master $200) this is based on a full day’s work, which involves downloading, conversion of files, mixing the tracks and any adjustments that may be necessary.  We also offer the mixing service by the $40/h rate.

If the track is very complicated, or very long costs could be higher. If it’s simple with voice and a couple instruments it will be less.

If you’d like to mix a full album we can discuss a discount.

An effective mix is only obtained with the right understanding and passion for the song being mixed.  An effective mix starts with how the song was recorded.  Tracking is just as important as the mix, when everything is tracked properly you can hear it in your Mix.


If you’ve recorded any songs and don’t like how the mix sounds, we can remedy this for you. All you have to do is send us the song files from your session along with a $40 deposit and we’ll mix your song properly.  (The full outstanding balance must be paid prior to receiving your Mix)


Next thing to do is send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or give us a call @ 226 678 4557 and let’s get deep in MIXOLOGY.